We offer:

  • Carillon Bells (specially tuned).
  • Carillon towers or detached Carillons
  • Carillon control systems.

Carillon is a musical instrument which consist of at least 23 cast bronze cup-shaped bells which are played serially to play a melody or sounded together to play a chord. Carillons not only sound beautifully and create an exceptional atmosphere, but also enrich the tower architecture and other objects on which they were assembled. Instruments made with fewer bells are called chimes. Melodies are played on natural bells with electromagnetic hammers assembled inside the instrument. Schedules of melodies are designed according to the liturgical seasons throughout the year.

We have assembled sets of clock bells with melodies for (among others): Lichen Sanctuary (25 bells), St. John Kanty Parish in Chicago (25 bells), Old Town hall in Torun (12 bells), St. Stanislaw Bishop and Martyr Parish in Czeladz (15 bells, investor: Muzealna Czeladź), St. John Kanty Parish in Krakow (10 bells), St. Anna Collegiate in Krakow, All Saints Parish in Poznan, Franciscans Monastery in Sanok, Technical University in Czestochowa (12 bells), Town Hall in Poznan (investor: Poznan Museum), Christ the Servant Parish in Ełk, Thomas the Apostle Parish in Warsaw (15 bells), St. Martin Parish in Jarocin (15 bells, investor: Jarocin City), Roman – Catholic Parish in Mroczkow Gościnny, Siauliu Svc. M. Marijos Nekaltojo Prasidejimo Parish – Lithuania as well as an overhaul of a Carillion assembled by competitive company in St. Anthony Parish in Rybnik (15 bells).