City Clocks

We make new tower clocks, facade clocks, street clocks, city clocks and advertising clocks in any diameter and shape with a possibility of LED based systems to highlight the dials and digits, or to gold plate the digits and hands of the clock. We make the clock dials from aluminium, traditional or organic glass with any digits and ornaments. City clocks can be placed on stylized poles or wall panels, the clocks can have one or more dials. The clock drive elements are made of acid proof and stainless steel and high grade plastic which provide a total protection from rust and deterioration caused by the weather.

Our modern clocks are powered by small electric engines; they can strike hours and quarters of an hour as well as bugle calls and any other melodies on natural bells (carillons) or digitally via special speaker tubes (Digital Bell System Carillon). In case of power outage the clock stops but when the power is back it amends the hands of the clock according to the correct time. The clock automatically changes to winter and summer time.

The clock systems can also have digital temperature, date or text displays connected. All clocks are made to order, all have unique design and always high quality.