Tower Clocks

We specialise in production of complex tower clock systems and clock dials. Clocks strike hours, quarters of an hour as well as various melodies. Hours and carillons can be played on natural bells (Natural Carillon) or digitally via special speaker tubes (Digital Bell System Carillon). Clock hands are powered by a small 230V electric engine. In case of power outage the clock stops but when the power is back it amends the hands of the clock according to the correct time. The clock automatically changes to winter and summer time.

The clock drive elements are made of acid proof and stainless steel and high grade plastic which provide a total protection from rust and deterioration caused by the weather. The clock dials are made from polycarbonate, aluminium or a variety of high quality plastics. Decorative shields, digits and hands can me double gold plated, painted with acrylic pains or can be made from one colourcast. Each dial can be highlighted by LED based systems, which provide an excellent light combined with low exploitation costs.

We also renovate old clock mechanisms and clock dials making sure to follow all Monument Conservator’s indications. We have a team of experience clockmakers who provide complex services of maintenance and care of antique tower clocks throughout of Poland.